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What is that odor?

Odors are comprised of organic or inorganic compounds such a volatile organic compound (VOCs), ozone, solvents, exhaust, sewage, and smoke and they are emitted from a variety of indoor sources including rodents, bioaerosols, furnishings, trash, restrooms, water intrusion and/or damp environments, fire and smoke damage, laboratories, or cleaning activities. Sources of outdoor odors include vehicle exhaust, factory emissions, unsanitary debris, fires, construction activities or accidental spills. (CDC Indoor Environmental Quality: Chemicals and Odors).

Identify a pattern before odor testing

When your home or office has an unidentifiable odor, a professional odor assessment can help you determine the cause and risk level. A persistent odor in a structure indicates the presence of an issue in need of resolution to promote the occupants’ wellbeing and safety and avoid negative health effects.

While some odor compounds cause a minor nuisance, others can create a significant health hazard. An odor survey will keep your family or employees safe and improve their quality of life. My odor survey consulting services will give you the information you need to eliminate the smell.

Joe The Odor Man follows a protocol with a successful history of identifying both external and internal odors. My process determines if the smell comes from the structures systems and processes, occupant activities or outside the building.

When I conduct an odor survey, I implement my knowledge of building systems and operations and use the survey data to prioritize actions. I also understand potential odor-generating sources that can contribute to the issue.

Characterizing the Odor

One person’s bad odor is another’s fragrance. Odors are very subjective and we often lack words in our vocabulary to properly characterize odors. Here are some words that may help you better describe to us the odor you are experiencing:

The better someone can describe the odor, the better I can track down the source during my odor investigation.

How do we perform odor testing?

Joe The Odor Man will collect typical measurements including temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide (CO), formaldehyde, and total volatile organic compounds. Each of these parameters can lead us in different directions.

Because I have investigated so many odor complaints, I can often identify the odor immediately, without needing to do any complex tests!

What does it cost?

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